Next Generation Pre-workout in fast-dissolving form for maximum endurance, focus and energy. An obvious choice for those who want the best.
Also contains Beta-Alanine for increased lactate threshold, Creatine for increased strength and endurance at the explosive, short duration maximal effort, for example. powerlifting, sprint, strength training.

Berries Gone Wild


Contains sweeteners

Recommended dosage: 1 scoop (approx 10g) daily
Preperation: 1 scoop mixed with 3-4dl water in a shaker, drink 20 minutes before physical activity.

Content per dose (1 skopa ca 10g)
Caffeine* 200mg
beta-Alanine 2000mg
Citrulline-DL-malate 2000mg
L-Tyrosine 200mg
Kreatine nitrate- 2000mg

Nutritional value per 100g
Energy 192 kcal / 802 Kj
Fat 0g
Carbohydrates 0g
Protein (free amino acids) 48g
Salt 0g

Net weight 300g
Servings 30

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